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  • July 13, 2024, 01:31:54 AM
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Author Topic: Bugs already fixed for the next release...  (Read 3034 times)


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Bugs already fixed for the next release...
« on: October 11, 2019, 08:09:00 PM »

To avoid double reporting of bugs, here's an official list of the bugs I've already addressed for the next release, some of which may have a thread here on the forums, some of which were likely reported elsewhere, and possibly some I uncovered myself while working on the game.

See below (presented as an excerpt of the in-dev changelog):
* FIX: Left-oriented exit label activated by hover at right side of map view could show box at a position further left for a single frame [R-26 Lightspeed]
* FIX: Manually triggered label for previously known item outside FOV with active robot signal on top caused overlapping labels [R-26 Lightspeed]
* FIX: Manually triggered label for single position containing robot and item/trap while surrounded by other objects caused label overlap [R-26 Lightspeed]
* FIX: Melee Specialist achievement description too long to fit in-game achievement browser after adding clarification [R-26 Lightspeed]
* FIX: W-44 Eye analysis text outdated [R-26 Lightspeed]
* FIX: New HOSTILES button could contain inaccurate information under some conditions while not moving [lyra]
* FIX: Fusing of multislot parts did not immediately apply 'f' indicator to all relevant slots [lyra]
* FIX: Megawrench repair of fused multislot part did not remove fused indicator from additional slots [lyra]
* FIX: Force fields, shielding, and other forms of external damage prevention could dampen core damage caused by overheating [lyra, CaptainWinky]
* FIX: Crash during special assimilation win ending animation when using new modal layout with inventory closed [necris81, mrjoebobfred, CaptainWinky]
* FIX: Specialist achievement requirement descriptions indicated end-of-run checking, but were switched to checks upon each hostile kill [Dosh]
* FIX: SHELL lab Researcher special response stopped triggering after Beta 10 [aoemica]
* FIX: Possible rare unstable state due to AI combat during W assault [MTF, blelm]
* FIX: Quarantine Array reported any individual multitiled allies as multiple systems [lyra, rad_banker]
* FIX: Using new HOSTILES button might crash under certain circumstances [Some Pennies, ()val()]
* FIX: report_schematics could contain "schematic" for Matter [Runia]
* FIX: Treads incapable of crushing targets with exactly 50 core integrity, despite the description threshold [Millea]
* FIX: Using muteAudioOnFocusLoss option caused ambient audio to restart immediately on tabbing back in to otherwise silent game menu [Hermelin]
* FIX: New automated Chute Trap operation feature did not always finish its job [deepfield]
* FIX: Assassin achivement could be earned by sneak attacking inactive hostiles [Darby]
* FIX: Extended game major NPC data core might be created under incorrect conditions after recent change [leiavoia, szymekc]
* FIX: Holding RMB too long to close an info window over map could set a new centerpoint or shift map under certain circumstances [Maiker]
* FIX: Novice Programmer and Prolific Hacker achievement detection broke [Chickoo]
* FIX: Potential crash on extremely long combat log targeting factor breakdown messages with full detail enabled [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: Normal temporary input block to avoid accidental skipping of game over stats didn't apply if watched complete or partial win animation sequence
* FIX: Advanced.cfg cursorJumpDistance was not being applied, always used default value
* FIX: Quickly scrolling the extended combat log in a modal UI layout via accelerated mouse wheel could lock the log state
* FIX: Addressed so-called "grunt hopping" AI movement scenarios occuring under some conditions in generally cramped areas and bottlenecks
* FIX: Scoresheet "Corruption Blocked" entry also tallied effect of any Corruption Screens on non-Cogmind robots
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