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Author Topic: Hard Core  (Read 2079 times)


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Hard Core
« on: May 18, 2019, 07:19:26 PM »

Hey, you. Yeah, you, shiny metal thing. Are you tired of getting your Sensor Array armor blown off and builds broken by a single unlucky encounter? Are you tired of managing more utilities than you can count on two hands? What's that -- you don't know what hands are? Are you tired of trying to fab that one last utility you need to win the extended game, only to see programmers blow up the fabricator or your 50% fab chance fail 6 times in a row? Give up flight-stealth-hacking and try for the Hard Core achievement!


I went into this expecting it to be pretty hard (easier with Hcp. Storage than it would've been in earlier betas) and actually found it to be easier in a lot of ways than a more highly optimized utilities / stealth / hacking build. For one thing, losing a key utility doesn't really happen, as long as you stay on top of storage; since your slots are mostly propulsion and weapons and enemies drop plenty of those to refill them with in a pinch. Going into -6 Factory I ran into three or four patrols right at the beginning, lost my treads, but easily rebuilt from legs dropped by the patrols. Running into Terminators is no longer terrifying when you have 5 EM guns to take care of them with (or 2 HERF cannons), and treads to help your aim.

I had to rebuild again in S7 but again, not a huge deal with so many slots to throw propulsion armor into.

I initially planned to get Farcom but arrived at the Farcom level to find it abandoned and the vault empty. This turned out to be a good thing since it meant I got to go to Testing later. My biggest concern from the beginning was being able to find the last exit, so I then planned to visit Zh and do the quest. I visited Zion in case there was anything good there and W so he would help me find the Testing entrance later. (A lucky Access(Main) in -2 helped me rule out the -1 exits.)

Not sure what else to add. This was a lot of fun, being able to roll through complex and caves without worrying about my build getting broken, since all I need to rebuild is more weapons and props. I'll probably go back to trying for a ++ win eventually but this was a nice break.

At the very end I wasn't sure how long to stick around, the ability to dump a run in progress coming in the next version would've definitely helped with that since I didn't know if I had met the 400 bot threshold for this achievement.

Score sheet:
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Re: Hard Core
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 08:05:08 PM »

Nice, I was definitely looking forward to the achievements getting people to try different builds that they're not used to, experiencing the game in a very different way :)

And achievement progress would be really nice to have, though yeah the dumps are going to be incredibly useful for that and more, not to mention are already implemented :D. I've rather enjoyed having access to that feature while working on the game these days--just one command and out pops a txt file with everything you need to know!
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