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Author Topic: Migrating to a new version  (Read 14950 times)


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Migrating to a new version
« on: May 18, 2015, 04:35:04 AM »

When you download a new version of Cogmind*, do not copy it over the old one. Instead:
  • Put it in a new/different location.
  • To retain all your settings and meta progress (like item collection stats), simply copy the contents of the old version's /user/ directory over to the new version.
  • Before deleting your old version, also remember to save any contents of the /scores/ directory you might want to keep.
  • You can now safely delete the old version.
Transferring your /user/ directory will retain your option configuration, item collection stats, tutorial records, and other metadata.

An even simpler alternative option is available, as described in the manual under File Options, though it makes Cogmind "non-portable," since the files will be stored outside your game directory.

Note that saved games are not usually compatible between major versions, so finish any previous run before updating. (Even if you copy an old incompatible save over as part of your /user/ data, the new version will simply rename it and ignore the file.) Hotfixes and smaller updates may retain save compatibility with the previous version, in which case the release notes will specify that you can continue old saves.

* The latest Cogmind version is always accessible via your personal download link. That link will never change. If you've lost the link, or want it sent to a different address, email me at

Specifically for Steam players: Automatic updates will of course retain your user info (a feature also compatible across multiple machines via Steam Cloud), although if the new version is not compatible with your old save, it will start a new run. If you like, in Steam settings you can use the Cogmind > Properties > Betas tab to roll back to a previous "legacy" version to finish an earlier run. (If you have an older run you haven't finished, the game will remind you.)
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