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Got it to work - it was a problem in my side. Works perfect right now. CosPlay now have bi-directional support for REXPaint *.xp format. Excellent!

Everything REXPaint / Java/Scala based image export in *.xp format
« on: May 01, 2022, 02:26:59 PM »
Hi There,
I'm working on CosPlay Engine ( and I wrote a simple function that stores any image in *.xp format so that it could be further edited in REXPaint. I've followed the format details in the manual. In fact, I have two functions: one for reading *.xp files and one for write in *.xp format. Reading works fine.

However, when I am trying to open *.xp file produced by my function in REXPaint - it says in 'run.log' the following:
N=0000308 |   CPathButton::init() | Ignoring protected file: images/pong_logo.xp

(pong_logo.xp is the file I produced).

Here's direct source code for the *.xp image saver:

Any clues would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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