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Everything REXPaint / Rex is godot
« on: August 22, 2020, 04:39:06 AM »
Rex is godot
Hi. I like Rexpaint, but the lack of support for the .xp format in the Godot engine disappointed me. So I wrote a godot script that allows you to get all the data from the .xp file format as a dictionary, so I wouldn't have to use the .csv file format that Rexpaint can also export to.

I'm unaware of any Godot .xp file reader that were capable of reading from the compressed .xp file and required it to be decompressed beforehand. Reading this issue on the Godot issue tracker might explain why. This script handles a compressed .xp file normally as one would expect.

You can find this project on github here. You can read and use the raw script here. I have included a README which details the dictionary structure, keys, values and value types, as well as sample dictionary output, and sample usage in code. This script doesn't handle any rendering of the glyphs in Rexpaint, and I leave that as an exercise to any programmers using this.

Let me know if there's any other details I missed. I hope this script is of use to anyone else wanting to use Godot with Rexpaint.  :)

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