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Everything REXPaint / Re: Fixed _config.xt for ANSI artists
« on: January 24, 2023, 04:41:39 AM »
Thanks for the reply and applying the fix; glad it helped.
I'm surprised the ANSI portion of Rex doesn't get more love from users but I supposed that's a testament to how easy it is for them to use the native format.

I'll be sticking with ANSI myself (totally missed the pre-configured ANSI download!)  As an old-school ANSI artist here, tinkering on a tiny ANSI based RPG, RexPaint is one of the better modern day options.  :)

Everything REXPaint / Fixed _config.xt for ANSI artists
« on: January 17, 2023, 05:23:47 PM »
Just installed RexPaint, played around and took a bit but eventually stumbled on the .ANS export feature from the manual.txt. (Export .ANS button instead of a secret key combo would be so nice.

I tried setting up the environment for .ANS export per Appendix D (called out incorrectly as Appendix C somewhere else) and RexEdit crashes.  Good error logging though and realized the _config.xt format must have gone through an update but was never fixed in the released files.  Below is the _config.txt I put together to get RexEdit working in "ANSI" export mode. 

To use:
1. Follow instructions in Appendix D to setup for ANSI export
2. Instead of copying _config.xt into <rex home dir>\data\fonts copy over the contents of that file with this:
Code: [Select]
// Font Configuration
// Fonts------------------------------------------
// Set Name GUI Art Available Resolution @ 80x60
// (the default ANSI font for REXPaint, based on Microsoft's Fixedsys font from Windows 1.0)
// Fonts==========================================================================================
// GUI------------------------------------ Art----------------------------------------------------
// Set Name File Columns Rows File Columns Rows Unicode Mirror Available Resolution @ 80x60
"8x16 Fixedsys" cp437_8x16_fixedsys 16 16 cp437_8x16_fixedsys 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 1 // 640x960

// (these fonts contain some non-standard glyphs, but are mostly CP437, thus are included to play with--or fix up if you like)
"8x12 Terminal" cp437_8x12_terminal 16 16 cp437_8x12_terminal 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 1 //
"8x14 Terminal" cp437_8x14_terminal 16 16 cp437_8x14_terminal 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 1 //
"10x16 Terminal" cp437_10x16_terminal 16 16 cp437_10x16_terminal 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 1 //

// (these are the square fonts normally used with REXPaint, but they've been set unavailable here)
"CP437 12x12" cp437_12x12 16 16 cp437_12x12 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 0 // 960x720
"CP437 10x10" cp437_10x10 16 16 cp437_10x10 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 0 // 800x600
"CP437 8x8" cp437_8x8 16 16 cp437_8x8 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 0 // 640x480
"CP437 16x16" cp437_16x16 16 16 cp437_16x16 16 16 _utf8 _mirror 0 // 1280x960

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