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  • July 12, 2024, 11:30:50 PM
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Ideas / Re: Part swapping multi slot parts.
« on: July 06, 2024, 06:35:07 AM »
Oh nice! And welcome back :)

Would be nice if I could get my son into it (about same age as yours!), but he doesn't really play video games much at all to begin with.

Yeah temp slots were of course a bit of a headache on their own (with some QoL/behavior improvements coming to those in Beta 14), much less the complexity that arises once you throw potentially more than one or two items into swapping. Heck, start thinking about the attachable items that require like 5+ slots ;)

What roguelikes/games often do for this sort of thing is allow you to "carry" an effectively unlimited amount of stuff in your inventory, but then you're encumbered and at the extreme end (or even just past the first threshold), can't perform other actions until you've resolved the encumbrance situation by removing enough items. This seems sorta okay, but in a game like Cogmind adds its own sort of complexity, and no doubt could be gamed for various advantages as well, then you have to start introducing other drawbacks and it becomes a mess :P

Stories / Re: Dear God are offensive builds hard
« on: July 04, 2024, 09:41:03 PM »
Was reminded of this thread when nogimagogi posted their "stealth sterilization" today, taking out Armory with a pretty unique 5-cannon hacking treads build. Had over 130 kills in a single map, but that was without hitting high security through effective alert control. Most people don't bother with stealth sterilization if they're out to just smash everything, but it's a much safer way to clear an entire map if you can manage it :)

Ideas / Re: Custom UI for Core Membrane
« on: July 04, 2024, 07:12:04 AM »
I should add that for a long while now I've wanted to do a sort of separate interface listing permanent or semi-permanent mods that you've acquired, but it's remained on the todo list and not quite high enough priority to actually implement yet, primarily because I've wanted to wait as long as possible and see just how many and what types of things would need to fit in there, as it would affect the optimal layout and access methods.

Anyway, this one's now on the list along with the others I've got. Even without any separate UI, I do love the of reusing existing space like that :D

Ideas / Re: Custom UI for Core Membrane
« on: July 04, 2024, 07:09:35 AM »
Yeah nice idea! I've been waiting on adding too many permanent mods to the HUD to reflect state changes like that, but those are gradually coming into play now that many of the possibilities are set and we know what needs to fill the potential space available. Nav. Matrix installation is actually already permanently on the HUD, by the way, with some others coming soon. I hadn't considered the membrane yet. And there are still a number of other effects and modifiers which don't have a home yet, still on the to do list... (also yet more coming in the next release xD)

Ideas / Re: Part swapping multi slot parts.
« on: July 04, 2024, 07:04:16 AM »
Yeah it's been discussed from early on in development and if it was ever going to happen it would've been years ago. Multislot part swapping will not be a thing. Not ideal in some situations, to be sure, but it does also have mechanical/gameplay side effects which are kinda baked into design now as well (like the ground being littered and not being able to properly use it for temporary space). Some of the veterans actually leave one or two extra empty inventory slots in order to circumvent such drawbacks, for certain strategies.

Multislot swapping actually gets far too complicated given many of the implications of swapping certain types of parts, so blocking multislot specifically is the perfect "clean break" from the massive number of special cases that would emerge and need to be dealt with (some of which would also end up not being possible to deal with, leading to UI inconsistency and headaches for players, too).

(Swapping parts is not just about inventory space, it also involves lots of mechanical implications when you get into special/unique part mechanics, of which there are already quite a few which are applicable, and many more coming. Having to deal with the nightmare of making it feasible to do multipart swaps, including, importantly, the ability to predict the results of many of these kinds of swaps, would be an absolute mess. Predicting results is important both for players and the game, in order to give all the proper warnings and require confirmations where necessary. Over 100 new parts coming soon, many of the unique variety--expect yet more confirmation types to come :P)

Stories / Re: Dear God are offensive builds hard
« on: June 29, 2024, 06:53:03 AM »
First of all, congratulations on the first win!

Going after Heavies is indeed quite dangerous, usually best avoided if at all possible unless you have an ace up your sleeve (of which there are many, of course, but still, Heavies can be big pain points, especially in Research anyway).

Once you hit high security you'd better have an exit already pinpointed, or a build ready to face even high sec head on :)

I will say though, definitely no luck required once you've built up the right combat skills! It's more dangerous, to be sure, but realize that the top players can defeat high sec on every single floor and win. Plus there are extended wins which are much harder than the regular game you've been playing, and they can reliably crush those too ;)

There are a bunch of videos you can check out of folks doing this sort of thing, or crazier. Actually almost all of my own runs are full combat runs and I tend to win all of them unless I'm doing something stupid on purpose (you can find them archived on my YouTube channel). Among them I also did a run where I was sterilizing every floor (killing enough bots that they eventually evacuate everyone and fry the entire floor to burn you out), but for me while streaming that's also a relatively slow style so I quit after doing that four times through Factory xD). Even more recently I had a powerful build that got stuck with higher alert in -3/Research without enough time to find an exit and ended up high seccing and went ahead and just sterilized that floor using siege mode, shields, and good EX launchers.

Regardless of build type though, the last several floors require a much different mentality to succeed, and will really test your build and skills. To be sure, avoiding enemies that you don't gain anything from fighting is usually preferred, even with a heavy combat build, though there are also those who will show off and do stuff like lyrabold's recent run (at the top of the Beta 13 leaderboards right now) where they intentionally sterilized every floor, and continued clearing entire floors even into the extended game, killing all bosses and destroying a total of 11,865 robots :P

If you're interested in learning the ways of combat, I recommend checking out some videos or (perhaps more easily) visiting the spoiler channels on the Discord server, as that's where all the top players hang out and are happy to offer advice.

Yeah I already fixed it some weeks ago for Beta 14. This was reported and discussed with newer players on Discord earlier.

Edit: I didn't add it to this list yet because I haven't yet transferred over my own changelogs for the past 6 weeks or so, was actually going to do that today or tomorrow but I'm in the middle of debugging some other newer Beta 13 issues right now :)

Fixed Bugs & Non-Bugs / Re: [Beta 13] Thief drones not moving
« on: June 01, 2024, 07:16:46 PM »
These aren't bugs, they are standard pathing behavior for adjacent robots during combat, which will wait if they're blocked by an adjacent bot that is currently occupying their most advantageous direct path.

You can see the same behavior around doorways or obstacles when fighting enemies at close range, which is why that works as a tactic to begin with.

There will be some occasional alternative behavior coming in Beta 14, but this is all normal.

Fixed Bugs & Non-Bugs / Re: [Beta 13] Zh not tracking
« on: June 01, 2024, 07:11:55 PM »
This isn't a bug, they don't actually get free tracking info when they're attacked, and have to look around. They may or may not find you in time :)

Fixed Bugs & Non-Bugs / Re: [Beta 13] Sv doesn't flee (spoilers)
« on: June 01, 2024, 07:01:22 PM »
Yeah his guards will not always leave with him, it can happen under some conditions and is fine. Always been that way.

Yep this isn't a bug, it's just their behavior, they need to be properly cleared by a Tunneler for the Complex to consider it an official part of their structure. (Note how Engineers actually special log text for doing that.) It's always been like that for the past 10 years, though wasn't nearly as often noticed before so maybe I'll make an exception now that Subcaves are a thing.

Yeah I recall that one, and have noticed it a few other times as well, chalking it up to spotting an exit that was previously known before using the chutes, which is what I thought must be causing the bug, and where all my testing efforts were focused, but I have seen absolutely no evidence of it in the code, regardless of whether it happens in releases xD

Yep, my first inclination purely from the logic has been Linux-only, but that wouldn't make much sense given its nature. Of course if any other Linux players are happy to try it out from here and confirm that'd be fine, too :)

There is no "grab the stairs sprite from outside the game." This would be some other sort of game-specific memory state issue.

Testing in an actual release build would be the next step to confirm, but that takes even longer and there's also nothing unique about release builds in this regard so is assumed unlikely to turn up anything. To that point, unfortunately by now I've already put waaaaaaaaay too many hours into this for what is a very unimportant issue, so I've decided it will live on forever! Pretty rare that that happens, but it's both rare and inconsequential so that's okay. I'm pretty curious about this one, to be sure, but not curious enough to continue derailing development for it :P

Yeah it's not a bug, just a built-in limitation of the faction system. You can actually create similar situations with Golems elsewhere, not just there. They don't have their own faction and when spawned hostile will actually share a certain faction that might be used for non-0b10 unaffiliated hostiles in other cases. This is just how it's built and is not currently planned to be expanded since the assembled don't have or generally need their own faction. Golems hostile to you will technically be friendly with some other interesting parties in the caves!

Ah, on closer examination, this wasn't the old issue which was fixed, it's just a case of circumstances causing the phasewall to get tuck in the open position (it's darker but you can see the different color of the tile there--that's the appearance of an "open" phasewall). In their open position you can fire through them, but they still won't let you move through that space unless you have Structural Interface. If another enemy passed through it would be detected again and close, but they don't otherwise close on their own if they managed to miss the closing trigger due to special circumstances. (This can happen with regular doors as well, but the more unique properties of phasewalls might make this stand out more, also being as rare as it is.)

Found the exits you were referring to, but... weirdly it still doesn't happen for me. Did a bunch of tests using these files as a starting point, and follow the same steps, but it's all still working normally. Pretty inexplicable.

Fortunately it's minor, but I'd certainly like to know why. Doesn't seem like this is likely to be resolved, hm :/

Added for Beta 14:
* NEW: Melee attacks made with any momentum benefiting from speed bonus while using overloaded propulsion can cause burnout as moving normally

I mean, everything in the game happens because that's how it was coded, including bugs.
I know, I'm saying it's done that way intentionally.

This isn't a bug, it's just how that particular event is coded. Disable at your own risk!

You'll find a number of other events and situations that use a similar approach for various reasons.

Yes this is not referring to a specific part, and is not a bug xD

It's just referring to Makeshift parts in general, and in their opinion, as stated.

Understandable, although as a part of the line-of-fire visualization rather than extra AOE visualization, it will remain for now.

This is allowed. The precise edges of your range are a bit fungible, especially in cases like that because the object on the other side is a prop that occupies its entire cell position and is pushed right up against the edge of whatever's next to it, so if you penetrate you do still hit the side of it (now if it was something smaller that probably wouldn't occur, but there was no distance to travel following the penetration).

Hm, I think this happened once before ages ago and that was fixed, looked like there might be some other source for it. I'll have to add this to the list to check later once I get back to look at Beta 13 stuff (can't load the save right now, working on Beta 14).

I mean... explosion predictions are pretty obvious because they have a half-square outline delineating the maximum in each axis direction, which is the more fundamental part of that display--it uses lines in addition to the interior highlight area and not just relying on color like the rest of the targeting interface.

Yep, it's intended and the way this will continue to work. As stated it's going to predict from wherever you're aiming, since that's the consistent behavior (you could very well be firing a volley including a cannon that you expect to destroy the initial target first, who knows :P)

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