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Everything REXPaint / reximage - Go Package for .xp decoding/importing
« on: March 17, 2018, 08:19:11 PM »
Hi everyone!

After spending an embarrassing amount of time importing bloated .CSVs into my game, I finally got off my lazy butt and put together a Go solution for importing .xp files. As far as I can tell no other Go packages do this, so I commented it all up and added some documentation in the hopes it might be useful for someone! Find it at:

I know there aren't many Go roguelike devs out there but hey, maybe this is the first step :). It's pretty simple for now. I haven't tested it too extensively but it works for my use case (small to medium size images, I haven't tried importing enormous zillion-cell images yet). It uses nothing but the Go standard library so it should work anywhere that Go does.

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