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  • May 19, 2024, 08:15:00 PM
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Hi Kyzrati! Thanks for the info! You're completely right that those commands are both not in order and not related - I was looking to solve three different problems with them.

For my content creation process, I'm using RexPaint files to define the layouts and content of rooms. Those get converted into a text asset in the Unity backend (so that Unity knows how to package them for builds), and are tied a 'RexRoom' unity type that defines all the editor specific information (such as tying the glyph 'k' to be the kobold gameobject). This works great, but has started to suffer some issues as the project scales that I think could be solved with automation.

I was looking for "open a given file" and "create an empty file" type commands to try and make the process of adding new rooms more seamless. As it stands, if I want to make a new room in a branch folder, I need to: make a rexroom object in the folder, open RexPaint, save an empty image with the right name, move that new image into the right folder, then connect that image to the unity asset. What I'd like to do is have a button on the UI in Unity that does all of that work automatically. Similarly, having the ability to open RexPaint with a file already selected would make it possible for those assets to open their rexpaint files without an intermediate step, which would help keep the Unity asset jank hidden.

The exporting command I was looking for would be mostly useful for generating previews of the rooms on the unity asset, in the same vein of trying to hide that these room prefabs are actually two different assets in a trenchcoat. It would also be nice just for being able to see what the room looks without having to open up rexpaint and check.

I've found some decent workarounds for creating new files and exporting, but I'd love to see any of those command line options become officially supported. Regardless, I've already gotten a ton of good use out of RexPaint so I won't be disappointed either way. Thank you again for the awesome tool and the help!

Hi there! I'm currently working on a Unity roguelike project, and using RexPaint to do the layouts and special monster/item placement for my dungeon generator. Just for convenience (and fun), I've been building lots of Unity automation around it to speed up my workflow and make the whole process more seamless. I'm missing a few small commands that would help make things really smooth, so I wanted to see if any of these are possible through the command line:

- Export a given RexPaint file to PNG (+ set the path if possible, but just outputting to the /images/ folder would be totally fine)
- Open RexPaint with an existing file selected
- Create a new RexPaint image with a given name

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