UI Previews by Resolution / Font


Update January 2024: Although the following information applies to the game in its current form, the version soon to be released (Beta 13) will include multiple size-related accessibility features, including both map zooming and new modal layouts that increase font size by 33%. You can read about these features in recent announcements, for example on zooming and the full UI upscaling.

This page will be updated with new information and previews when that release is made available!


While Cogmind comes with many fonts and supports any resolution that meets the minimum requirements, the large amount of information that can be present on screen at once requires at least an 80x60 terminal grid to display, making it less convenient to play on physically smaller screens (regardless of resolution), or for those with poor eyesight.

To help you determine what Cogmind will look like on your screen, open the screenshot below that matches the resolution of the system you intend to play on. Ideally you want to open it on the actual screen in question, and not from some other device, to take pixel density into account. (If you do not see your resolution here, pick the closest next lower resolution, by height.)

Note that all text fonts support an ASCII map mode, though in the samples above all but the first image from each group is shown with the tileset default.

After a comprehensive review and community discussion of how it would impact development and many aspects of the game itself, there will be no way to enable larger fonts on smaller screens. As this topic comes up at least once or twice per year, it's certainly gotten a lot of discussion. I was hoping to one day write a much lengthier explanation of the design constraints and impact on art direction, UX, gameplay and content, as well as overall experience, but still haven't gotten around to doing that (my list of potential blog posts is quite long and I'll never get to everything xD), but in the meantime I did add some more info on this topic during a discussion over on r/Roguelikes where you can learn a little more.

Specifically for those players who don't have a large enough monitor but would like to play a Cogmind-ish game I've released POYLBOT-7, a free remake/demake put together for the 2018 7DRL Challenge. It was designed from the ground up for a much larger font size on all displays.

Also, to perhaps help understand more about terminal grid sizes and how it impacts design, consider checking out the POLYBOT-7 development postmortem. It goes into great detail about how the UI and content of Cogmind were almost completely redesigned to suit the new layout. Note however that POLYBOT-7 is *NOT* a Cogmind demo--the two play quite differently and have different content!


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I say Cogmind's minimum resolution is 600p, but it can actually run in a 480p window, as seen below. Just for fun :D