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  • February 25, 2018, 06:50:11 AM
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Author Topic: Update 170519 - The day it all began... (two years ago)  (Read 651 times)


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Update 170519 - The day it all began... (two years ago)
« on: May 19, 2017, 08:49:55 AM »

Today marks Cogmind's two-year anniversary since the beginning of Alpha! Sure has been a while, but wow has it turned into so much more than it was even then :D

The Beta's been going pretty smoothly, lots of wins already as some Cogminds are checking out the new win animations (although only a couple different ones have been discovered so far!). Too bad it took a couple days for everyone to notice and confirm that, yes, targeting was accidentally pretty screwed up and in need of an emergency 1.1 update to correct (and while I was at it nerf some of the new mechanics, heh).

Lo and behold, a 1.2 is around the corner! And... for some it's already here, if you'd like to check it out in the release thread and get a preview :)

The official update will come next Tuesday, and while I won't announce it here that day, everyone's links will be updated then and I'll throw up a notice on Twitter etc., plus the in-game news will remind anyone still playing 1.1 or older.

A surprising amount of stuff made it into 1.2 over the past week, most notably on-map combat logs

and a whole bunch of pathfinding stuff including much smarter pathfinding for mouse players:

In other news, it was nice to finally get back into actually playing this week, with a two-day stream of the latest Beta 1.1 seed that I took to victory despite several very close calls :D. You can see images and VOD links here.

Aaaahh so much fun stuff we can do now that the world is complete and so little time!!! :P

Seeing as we're at this two-year milestone (hm, right after the Beta milestone :P), it's about time to do another financial writeup on the blog. Got a couple things I need to write up, actually... Will get busy on that next week!
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