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Author Topic: Upcoming Features (Alpha 12)  (Read 1752 times)


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Upcoming Features (Alpha 12)
« on: November 20, 2016, 09:32:29 AM »

Alpha 12 is on the way! [Update: Alpha 12 released! Full release notes and changelog here.]

In terms of absolute volume of new world content Alpha 12 can't compare with Alpha 11, which relied on a lot of stuff I developed ages ago and simply unlocked, but 12's changelog is literally more than twice as long as any before it O_O

Of course Alpha 12 adds one of the last previously unavailable maps, the long-awaited Command, but besides that it focuses a lot on QoL, our first round of true balancing, and even new mechanics! Many of these things are the type of non-spoiler stuff I can share, so here we have the largest single collection of preview images we've had for any release to date :)

Manual hacking autocompletion!

Direct keyboard access to query references! (only keyboard players see this feature)

New option to auto-ready a launcher for solo fire when attached.

Force trigger a known trap via '>' or clicking on self while standing on it.

Use this to reprogram and remove hostile traps from the ground, then reinstall them elsewhere.

(examples: disarming a grunt with a Blade Trap; planting an explosive conveniently between some reactors to take out a pursuing squad; toying with a garrison by planting EMPs right outside their door)

Traps are actual items now.

Some power sources can now be overloaded for extra output (all Cld.-prefixed).

Any part can be inserted in a Scanalyzer to identify it--those without schematics are listed in yellow alongside other insertable items.

Terminals now report the requirements for a desired schematic if unavailable locally.

Obstacles to line of fire are highlighted much more brightly, with a glow effect.

Allies always prioritize reaching your position if you're at an exit, here seen rallying to defend the stairs while more allies catch up.

Alt-free modal inventory management for pure keyboard players (mode indicator at top of parts list.

Scan Processors were removed from the game, and full robot info is available for all robots just by examining them.

Visualization modes and inventory sorting are now labeled right there when switching modes.

The eighth and final part data visualization mode, vulnerability, showing [coverage/integrity] to suggest which parts will be the first to be lost when under attack (comparison with some other modes)

New Heat Transfer stat. Time to melt some bots.

Dangerously overheating bots glow red for a moment, indicating they're ripe for melting.

Cooking robots might have some negative consequences.

The Scan window includes a new heat level indicator when in tactical HUD mode.

Subtly different death animation for critical meltdowns.

System corruption deaths also have a slight add-on to their animation (this one's much harder to spot :P)

Panning the map view via mouse or shifting it with the keyboard automatically lights up and colors the areas outside FOV.

Melee sneak attacks!

Core Heat Shields now increase heat threshold before negative side effects, with their own indicator on the HUD.

Borderless fullscreen ("windowed fullscreen") is now an option.

I managed to fit in a huge number of feature requests this time (thanks for all the suggestions!), though a few didn't make the deadline and will have to wait. All that's left now is a little playtesting and Alpha 12 will be with you this week! When the time comes the release notes will have all the details...

(Out of curiosity I just went to compare the number of hours spent directly on each build itself, and Alpha 11 comes in at 159 hours, while 12 happens to be 158 including through today's progress.)
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