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Author Topic: Upcoming Features (Alpha 7)  (Read 1586 times)


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Upcoming Features (Alpha 7)
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:29:54 AM »

I'm somewhat undecided on when to release Alpha 7, since it's been mostly ready for a while, but I'd prefer to have a little more time with it since some of the content I'd like to add is still incomplete. That said, due to my unexpected move this month I haven't had quite as much time as planned for what has been (as expected) a very busy dev cycle.

Right now we've reached the 8-week deadline I set for this release back in January, and one more week would be perfect, but it's been uncomfortably long since the last major release so I'm going to see if I can get it out by mid-week anyway! I was going to skip this week outright since I can't make my normal Tuesday release day, but I'll settle for Wednesday if possible.

This is the biggest release yet (more time = more big :P), and among the main features we have some new maps, the world map UI, and an upgraded dialogue UI. Much more news to come with the release notes!

Below is a collection of some of the more showable features ready for Alpha 6:

There are yet more fonts to choose from, especially at the smaller sizes. The default font has also been changed for now:

(click for full size--this is the 768p version)

You can finally see the world map as you explore it! (Or even... before?)

Hacked stockpile intel is now labeled along with other items.

Attempting to move while severely overweight will give you a warning before the first such move in while.

Dialogue is now shown over the map.

As are scene descriptions (though there aren't a whole lot of those).

There's a new type of interactive machine...

(At which you'll be able to do more than open doors :P)

More than a dozen rare parts to find.

(Among them is the first alien artifact!)

Free map panning for mouse users.

Recycling Units are quite useful now, allowing you to re-acquire loot lost to those blasted Scavengers ;).

Tiles mode uses item sprites rather than ASCII in the inventory window (same for intel stockpile markers).

Multi-projectile weapon indicators are now easier to distinguish.

(And as usual, I'm not spoiling the new maps--and new robots!--you can discover those on your own!)
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