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Author Topic: Released: Alpha 4 - "On the Offensive"  (Read 3418 times)


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Released: Alpha 4 - "On the Offensive"
« on: November 02, 2015, 07:22:18 PM »

Alpha 4 is now the latest and greatest Cogmind! We have an entirely new type of map accessible from many locations in the world, and, unexpectedly, a lot of new mechanics!

A portion of the new mechanics and content are actually secrets, some of which cannot yet be easily discovered (but will be easier in the future via relevant lore/story/NPC interaction). I will be publishing a series of dev blog posts throughout November detailing (read: completely spoiling) these mechanics and content, which you can read if you don't mind spoilers. There are also hints to some of them in images I've shown around lately. And I may occasionally drop some answers here on the forums, our subreddit, or Twitter if the opportunity strikes :D

Regardless, even if you don't immediately discover a lot of what's new (except of course all the nice usability features explicitly listed in the changelog =p), to an extent the world will likely "feel different" now. In terms of gameplay, overall you'll find the enemy is a good bit more responsive to your actions since they can often reinforce/investigate from closer by, especially once you reach the Factory. This doesn't necessarily imply a greater absolute difficulty, just slightly more transparent strategic and tactical decisions. I playtested several times yesterday and had a blast, especially when it came to factoring in some of the new mechanics (EM spectrums are quite interesting...).

On the usability/user data side, note that your existing manual hacking buffer will be converted to a new format, and external text file. You'll see this file appear after your first game, containing any manual hacking commands you've used before. Feel free to update it yourself in a text editor as necessary (most recent commands at the bottom).

For a visual summary of a few of the new features, see here.

(As usual, if you haven't already, remember to use the form linked in your original download email to provide the name you want to use in game. Attribution/names are added with each major release.)

The full Alpha 4 (0.10.151103) changelog:

* NEW: Garrison Access points, hackable entryways used by the central AI to dispatch squads
* NEW: "Special Map" (outside regular Complex 0b10, but not a normal branch)
* NEW: 8 Trojans, a new category of unlisted unauthorized hacks that offer delayed or persistent benefits
* NEW: 3 brute force hacks, a new category of unlisted unauthorized hacks that permanently disable a machine for some greater benefit
* NEW: "Index(Garrisons)" terminal hack
* NEW: 4 new terminal records
* NEW: Phase Walls, a new form of hidden door (only found in one map)
* NEW: Lots more sound effects to go with new content
* NEW: Electromagnetic weapons have a "spectrum," capable of coupling with power sources and causing them to explode
* NEW: Part/inventory data visualization now includes heat mode (toggle via energy 'e' command/button)
* NEW: Inspect machines in sight via their own info window (RMB/d, as with other objects)
* NEW: Structural Scanners give extra info about machines via info window
* NEW: Any Signal Interpreter can decipher garrison signals to report time until future response squads from that garrison
* NEW: Score sheet records 52 more stats (total: 390)
* NEW: Speed wins receive bonus to final score ([5000 - #turns] * 3)
* NEW: Some non-machine props have unique messages when partially destroyed, rather than all indicating "X disabled"
* NEW: Unique sound effects for destruction of heavy doors and storage shells
* NEW: Robot states "DORMANT", "UNPOWERED"
* NEW: Sensor scrambling mechanic
* NEW: Dropping/swapping containers always retains surplus resources (energy/matter) however possible
* NEW: Move over loaded containers to extract their resources automatically, either to main stores or applicable containers in inventory
* NEW: Resources can be collected/extracted while stationary over a source
* NEW: Flying robots under the effect of a Stasis Beam/Projector lose their 10% bonus to dodge
* NEW: Overweight flying robots lose their 10% bonus to dodge (your HUD overweight indicator will appear red)
* NEW: At death, robots affected by corruption have a chance for otherwise salvageable sensitive components to be fried ([corruption - base part integrity]% chance)
* NEW: For Cogmind, only parts at less than 50% integrity susceptible to critical strikes (excludes armor, which always takes double damage)
* NEW: Storage Units immune to Saboteur attacks and critical strike instant destruction effect
* NEW: Part rejection due to corruption is animated in your parts list, with sound effect
* NEW: Where removing a Storage Unit will auto-drop excess inventory items, confirmation is required (repeat the command)
* NEW: Instantly release all attached parts to "go naked," a free action (Shift-Alt-q)
* NEW: Keyboard players can direct-drop an attached item, bypassing even an empty inventory, by first pressing ','
* NEW: Cycle through all propulsion modes at the press of a key ( ; )
* NEW: Toggle all weapons on/off with a single key ( ' )
* NEW: Press 'd' to open info for item at current location (even in mouse mode)
* NEW: Both scan window and map labels display container contents, if any
* NEW: Scan window automatically updates integrity indicator color for old robot/item scans
* NEW: Robot Schematic()/Analysis() manual hacks can simply indicate robot class to auto-select best available (e.g. "Schematic(Swarmer)")
* NEW: Manual hacking buffer contents stored in readable format (/user/buffer.txt), which you can ignore or edit as necessary
* NEW: Options menu option descriptions also automatically shown in keyboard mode (on selection)
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 3 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 3 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: Security levels rise faster, but assault force dispatch frequency reduced
* MOD: Investigation and reinforcement squad response times significantly reduced
* MOD: Ambush traps cap melee robot count, attempt to put them further from the trigger position where possible
* MOD: Propulsion energy cost visualization in parts/inventory list shown based on cost per full turn, based on speed
* MOD: Machines 50% less resistant to electromagnetic explosions
* MOD: Blast/heavy doors +35% resistance to explosives
* MOD: Rooms (not Storage Shells) in Storage now contain sets of parts akin to stockpiles, rather than numerous disparate parts
* MOD: Engineers rebuilding walls/doors push blocking items out of the way rather than destroying them
* MOD: Improved clarity of context help for robot damage resistances in info window
* MOD: Reversed green/red coloring of damage resistance bars for robots
* MOD: Behemoths equipped with Dynamic Insulation Systems
* MOD: Tweaked damage against Programmers: TH = 125% (+25), EX = 75% (-25), EM = 25% (-25), (KI unchanged at 125%)
* MOD: Robots killed via corruption (EM) or meltdowns now count towards score, and increase presence accordingly
* MOD: Terminal damage from EM +50%
* MOD: Terminal hacks inapplicable due to no valid targets now shown, but grayed out (includes Emergency Access, Purges, all Trap hacks)
* MOD: "Index(Fabricators)" terminal hack 10% easier
* MOD: Fabricators no longer produce faulty prototypes
* MOD: Part rejection due to corruption blocks movement for 1000ms rather than 500ms
* MOD: System corruption effect on machine/robot hacking chance reduced by 66%
* MOD: Misfires due to corruption don't affect your weapons' active/inactive state (but does reset any OVERLOAD settings)
* MOD: Storage Unit removal behavior consistent in all situations--detachment allowed regardless of kb/mouse mode and inventory size
* MOD: Info window identifies permanently broken robots as "BROKEN" rather than the all-encompassing "DISABLED"
* MOD: Improved robot meltdown mechanics, and hostiles will no longer meltdown on their own
* MOD: Ctrl-[/] (or Ctrl-Wheel) scrolls inventory by page, rather than to beginning/end
* MOD: Removed Undo Drop command (Shift-Alt-d)
* FIX: Parts affected by hacking feedback and failed repairs/Scanalyzer analysis were only partially disabled [zxc, Draco18s]
* FIX: "Inventory(Prototypes)" manual hack was being parsed as "Prototypes" [fernsauce]
* FIX: Could get double item labels if opening manual labels before auto-label took effect [Adraius, bluemoo]
* FIX: Main access points could rarely appear in narrow corridors, even hidden corridors [zxc]
* FIX: Score sheet "Keyboard" value was inverted [zxc]
* FIX: Allied Operator hacking bonus was giving +0 rather than +1 per Operator after the fourth
* FIX: Dynamic Insulation System calculations were providing 20~33% greater benefit than intended
* FIX: Typo in successful Scanalyze hack output when simultaneously identifying a prototype
* FIX: Many hack results weren't reporting nouns in singular form if only one found
* FIX: "Access(Main)" terminal hack was reporting current map name as destination
* FIX: Item comparison window one line short when displaying Datajack vs. Remote Datajack
* FIX: Derelict ambush trap encounter dialogue never triggered
* FIX: Inactive Watchers were still able to jam sensors
* FIX: Non-penetrating AOE projectiles that impacted a multi-cell door were using the door itself as the explosion origin (now outside)
* FIX: Door open/close sound effects played in more instances than they should while robots passed through
* FIX: Explosions out of sight but within audible range were playing their sound effects twice, simultaneously
* FIX: Standing within range of two or more unique ambient sound sources while one is disabled could stop playing the wrong one
* FIX: Closing the help/commands/game menu while in range of an ambient sound source didn't resume playing the sounds
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