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  • October 22, 2017, 01:09:27 PM
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 on: Today at 11:48:58 AM 
Started by TheJournier - Last post by Shadowfury333
Technically there are already some other variables that might cause a desire to manually assign weapon order (hence the option in the config file to block weapon autosorting), though they're somewhat less important. Adding more variables to that equation would make manual weapon sorting almost required for even just semi-optimal play.

Are those variables just "I think my EM weapon will kill this Grunt, I should make it go first so that my Kinetic will then have free reign on the enemies behind them", or "I should cannon first to break this wall before firing anything else", or "This grenade should clear most things, leaving the assault rifles to deal with stragglers" (kindof, though granted auto-re-targeting is melee only AFAIK), or are there other things to be concerned about?

 on: Today at 06:45:42 AM 
Started by Kyzrati - Last post by Kyzrati
Yeah that's the main concern, it's a turn-based game where the pacing is set by the player, and that pacing can vary greatly from player to player, and from situation to situation. Ambient is probably going to be the most appropriate approach.

 on: Today at 05:11:47 AM 
Started by Kyzrati - Last post by zxc
I've played Cogmind for so long without built-in music that I would probably find it very strange. People can already put on the music they think suits it best, or just play without music. I quite like the idea of just adding so many ambient sounds that the game never sounds empty (except perhaps when it is supposed to ^^). Every machine with its own sound, ambient sounds for all the robots too (is this asking for too much? and would it give an advantage to players with sound on?)...

Regarding the flourishes idea above, I imagine it getting old pretty fast though. I mean it works well in real-time games when you need to be alerted of certain things quickly, but in a turn-based game I think it might be out of place.

 on: Today at 04:57:12 AM 
Started by TheJournier - Last post by Kyzrati
Volley order used to matter (because sure that's more realistic), but that feature was changed as it forces extra micromanagement of weapons based on non-obvious variables, adding unnecessary complexity to the system while also interfering with the automated part sorting.

Technically there are already some other variables that might cause a desire to manually assign weapon order (hence the option in the config file to block weapon autosorting), though they're somewhat less important. Adding more variables to that equation would make manual weapon sorting almost required for even just semi-optimal play.

(And welcome to the forums!)

 on: Today at 04:56:08 AM 
Started by zxc - Last post by zxc
This week's seed: HypervelocitySurgeInterpreter

The Weekly Seed is open to anyone, and we encourage you to share your experiences, stories, and tactics over the course of your run.

The rules are as follows:
  • The Weekly Seed begins from the date this thread is posted and lasts about seven days.
  • Make sure you are running the correct version of Cogmind (see thread subject).
  • Enter the seed and abort your current game to initiate the seed (more details are below).
  • Verify you are not running the tutorial and that the screenshots below match your game.
  • Play through the game once. This is a friendly event and we are all honest people.
  • When finished, post your scoresheet here (it should be the newest file in /scores) and any other screenshots/stories/strategies you wish to share with the community.
  • If you want to share details about the seed or your approach, make sure you use spoiler tags.
  • Due to the spoilerific nature of this thread, be sure to avoid reading details about the seed if you haven't completed your run.
  • As Cogmind now has multiple difficulty modes and challenges which will affect the world generation, by default it is assumed everyone is playing on regular difficulty with no challenges enabled. You are free to use whichever settings you wish, but if you intend on discussing it, be sure to specify what difficulty/challenges you're using!

Good luck and have fun!


Press F1 to go to the MENU, select OPTIONS, select Seed, and enter this week's seed:

Select GAME, select ABORT:

If you have followed the steps [Manual seed applied: HypervelocitySurgeInterpreter] should display in the log window.

Congratulations on entering the seed, now get in there!

 on: Today at 03:13:32 AM 
Started by TheJournier - Last post by TheJournier
So I notice in the game there's a recoil penalty with kinetic guns, I find it funny that the order of the volley doesn't matter but in the game order determines which shoots first. I.e.

A. Ass. Rifle
B. Med. Laser gun

when you fire a volley the assault gun clearly shoots first, then med. laser gun. or vice versa. Kinetics should have recoil penalties for what fires after and not what shoots first. This could add an element to bot design. For example.
A. Ass. Rifle -0%
B. Ass. Rifle -2%
C. Ass. Rifle -4%

A. Ass. Rifle -0%                             A. Ass. Rifle - 0%
B. Beam Cannon -2%       VS.          B. Ass. Rifle - 2%
C. Beam Cannon -0%                      C. Beam Cannon - 4%
D. Ass. Rifle --0%                           D. Beam Cannon - 0%

 on: October 21, 2017, 07:48:48 PM 
Started by zxc - Last post by Kyzrati
Moral of the story? Always bring a backup laser.
An important lesson, for sure :)

If you only have room for one backup weapon, melee is often even better, but normally you have more room than that and carrying some energy weapons is a good idea, too.

Matter depletion is actually a common killer of combat builds, so plan for it!

 on: October 21, 2017, 07:45:30 PM 
Started by Kyzrati - Last post by Kyzrati
Ok, so I got into a few sticky situations but I managed to survive for two evolutions. Right after my second evolution I find a grey terminal with a G which piqued my curiosity so I check it out. There's a command to open the Garrison door and I had a 50% shot so I figured why not and I succeeded on my first attempt and lo and behold a door opens right on the other side of the terminal! So I go through the door and it's a different floor, but everything is red. I end up finding an axe and figure why not, I'd like an axe. Earlier I was wondering who would use a melee weapon in this game after reading about them in the manual but holy shit did it come in handy. I had five enemies coming after me and I was holed up in a small room diagonal to the door and I killed every one of them in one hit as soon as they entered the door. Later I end up crossing a big room and triggering an alarm and two enemies are set after me. In the chaos of the battle another alarm is triggered and several other enemies start aggroing on me. I'm a sitting duck in this large room and everything starts breaking until I'm just a hovering core with an axe and take out all but two enemies. At this point I just want to run and I stumble onto the stairs to the next floor! Holy shit, I might actually live! So I bump into the stairs to go to the next level, praying for an evolution to save my ass, only to find out the stairs are locked down, I'm assuming due to the alarms I triggered. So I had no choice but to wait there for the last two guards to finish me off, ramming into them as a last act of defiance.

Holy fuck I love this game

 on: October 21, 2017, 07:29:55 PM 
Started by zxc - Last post by nuzcraft
Thanks Sherlockkat! I'll keep that in mind!

 on: October 21, 2017, 06:59:58 PM 
Started by Kyzrati - Last post by Stilgar
Unless it would be as good as say System Shock etc I would rather not.

I like the ambient noises that different machinery generates. Sometimes it adds to the tension by an order of magnitude.
(Do scouts & mercs make noise when patrolling? Perhaps they should?)

I just got the game and have fallen head first. This is great.

Back to topic - a lot of work and there will be a wide array of preferences. I suspect more would be turning it off than utilizing it.
Little flourishes might be workable. The short 5 note riff or a sound when a particular action is triggered.
Combat - dun dun dun
Finding something special - tinkling
Running away

In each case you could write something very simple that works without having to writing or licensing complete songs.

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