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  • June 26, 2017, 04:25:11 AM
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That section of the map was a gauntlet with only a single path leading to the rest of the level. I was seriously shocked at the enemy density :o
Yeah when you notice those you should panic (:P) and get out fast and/or try to dig a short tunnel from a room which may lead to a way around.

Somehow I got way better at this game overnight haha.
Seems that it's all started to click once you go that first win :)

General Discussion / Re: High Score List Generator (python script)
« on: June 24, 2017, 08:08:24 PM »
The difference between fight and combat becomes apparent there :P (reflected in the shot count). Also, that's a really decent SPT when you get out fast, from both the low turn turn count and all the bonus points by the end.

Ideas / Re: Let builders/workers build interesting things
« on: June 23, 2017, 09:41:35 PM »
No I know what you mean. I'm totally for the idea, hence it's been on my list for ages, just not enough need for it compared to other features at the moment! We'll see...

What generally increases the chances of me implementing initially lone unimportant features is when, after some time has passed and the list has gotten longer, I start to see possible synergies between multiple features if I were to implement them all. Then it becomes a true system and is way more interesting, so I'll end up implementing a lot of related features at once. Before that point, many individual features usually aren't worth it on their own.

(^just a little explanation of how I go about adding new features in the long term :D)

General Discussion / Re: High Score List Generator (python script)
« on: June 23, 2017, 12:47:33 AM »
Very nice. I couldn't resist and ran some of my latest Beta scores through the generator as well (#1 and #3 are challenge runs, though that isn't apparent here, and #2 is my last win on stream):

Haha 198 APM. Looks like 40 is a common number of actions per minute. Curious what others have...

My SPT was fairly high for those challenge runs (naturally, given the bonus points :P). I'm liking these metrics ideas--should add stuff like this to the actual score sheet for more comparison fun!

This thing's awesome.

Ideas / Re: Let builders/workers build interesting things
« on: June 23, 2017, 12:18:51 AM »
Certainly if they were to build anything it would be to repair machines or rebuild destroyed machines from scratch, though allowing them to do so presents a ton of other complications, such that it hasn't really been deemed worth the amount of work it would require to implement it. It'd be nice to further improve the atmosphere and immersion, but there are other more valuable features to work on first, before that could ever happen.

In terms of building new stuff, the only place really "missing" props would be the lowest depth, which is obviously in the early stages of being expanded as you awake. But it's not an area to hang around anyway, so adding stuff there comes off as a pure fluff feature. (Note: I also actually made a little change down there for the next release).

I could have them put the occasional machine in an otherwise empty room, though the numbers of those machines are already more or less balanced, so this would be a "remove a machine and let them install it later" kinda thing. That'd be neat (I've done it in other situations some players will have discovered), though again it wasn't built into the system to begin with so it'd take a while to get something like that up and running. In any case, this has actually been among my plans, but it is very low priority so I don't know if it would come to be. (If I were to work on Cogmind indefinitely then, yes, it's inevitable, but I'm going to have to stop one day! :()

General Discussion / High Score List Generator (python script)
« on: June 22, 2017, 05:13:08 AM »
DBrickShaw over on r/Cogmind has built a python script you can use to generate a high score file from all your score sheets. It's kinda like the existing scorehistory.txt but orders based on score, includes some different stats, derives some interesting metrics, and also comes in a colored version <3

Samples text output:

Sample colored HTML output:

Everything REXPaint / Re: Suggestion: Save as and numeric keyboard
« on: June 21, 2017, 06:12:25 PM »
Uh, nice to know, I guess I should read the full manual after all (sorry :P).
While some of the rarer details might only be found in the text sections, you don't have to read the whole manual to quickly get an idea of all the features--for that just read down the appendix which lists the available commands together :)

The list shown by the in-program help is very short by comparison, because it only gets one page (but that's why it says at the bottom to check the manual list for more).

I also noticed yesterday that text mode doesn't work properly in my keyboard configuration (spanish keyboard), letters are fine but all the symbols are wrong. For example, Shift+0 should print '=', but it prints ')'. I looked quickly in the manual and I didn't find anything about this (you can kill me if it does say something xD), is there any way to fix it? Not that I use that very often, but maybe you didn't know.
Yup, the engine only supports the standard US-101 layout--not alternative layouts or foreign keyboards, so it's printing characters based on that.

Ideas / Re: Drone Bay adjustments
« on: June 21, 2017, 12:25:58 AM »
Some earlier changes aimed at making the bays themselves more useful went into previous versions, and I've noticed some players (including myself :P) using them for those reasons, so I wouldn't call them completely useless anymore.

Specifically there's the fact that they double as armor (good coverage and high integrity) if you happen to need some in a pinch and can't find any. And personally I like keeping drones in my inventory sometimes, to keep them out of danger and in reserve for use on the next/another map.

The potential for a control requirement was discussed, though that might nerf them too hard (unnecessarily) and become a little complex? It'd require some a bit of additional UI stuff--not too bad, but doesn't strike me as essential. I don't really mind that some players will just... attach the bays to launch and then discard them.

Now with regards to manufacturing, that's something I don't want bays to be capable of. There are some other ways to build stuff, and I'll likely add more in the future, but I don't want it to be enabled by such a relatively common item. It has to be more rare/limited than that.

Announcements / Update 170621 - In a Bind
« on: June 20, 2017, 09:30:08 PM »
Hello [Cogmind] World!

In my last update I was pretty vague, mainly talking about having pushed myself rather hard in the first half of the year leading up to Beta, despite some recent "injuries," and that had led to some consequences preventing me from working altogether. In good news, I'm now no longer completely unable to work! And now that I'm feeling a little better, and somewhat stable enough to provide an accurate picture of what's going on, here are some more details:

As some of you may have heard I had a concussion--that was over two months ago now. I basically just took some medicine and worked as usual, but then I got sick and there were... complications. Basically it got really bad, to a point where literally thinking about anything complex started my head hurting. Sheesh concussions are weird. Then my vision got blurry, which is as problematic as you can imagine...

Overall the symptoms have gotten better over the past couple weeks, and current tests have come back to show there doesn't seem to be anything super wrong, it's just Post-Concussion Syndrome. I still have symptoms, though, they're still interfering with a lot of my work, and they could technically last a while.

As such, because I'm worried that it'll once again get serious while I'm in the middle of preparing, or shortly after, a Steam release (not to mention the associated pressure itself could worsen the problems), I think the best plan is to stay off Steam until I can fully recover, and continue taking it slow while working on little projects.

While I'm disappointed this had to happen now (or at all :P), I guess there's at least some good to come of it: Since I can't work for long periods, I've decided the best approach right now is to work on the pile of Cogmind side projects that I don't usually want to work on--extra stuff that I would probably have to do eventually, but have repeatedly been waiting to address.

If I can't work on something for too long, I may as well pick things I don't want to work on for long! Heh. These are a bunch of features that Cogmind technically should have, but that compared to working on the game proper are not so much fun or even meaningful on a wider scale.

The first I decided to tackle is keyboard layouts and rebinding. Cogmind has nearly 500 commands (internally--not everyone needs or uses all said commands, because there are many duplicates):

As of yesterday I managed to implement a basic handling system for both keyboards and rebinds, and created a config file that allows Dvorak users to do everything, commands and text entry, natively.

Testing with the Windows on-screen keyboard seems to have it working perfectly:

There's still a lot more to do (next is to test whether this system will work on foreign keyboards...)

Also, because I don't want to leave everyone hanging, instead of waiting until Steam to release the next version as planned, it's been long enough that I should probably do a 1.3 instead! I've been doing a little bit of debugging on the side, along with some content tweaks, so I may as well release them for those of you who are currently Cogminding :)

No date on that yet, as I'd prefer to add in some new stuff as well, but we'll see. In any case, expect a 1.3.

And in case you didn't see the news, r/roguelikedev is running a summer code-along series where you can join others in learning how to create a roguelike from scratch (it's not that hard!). Check it out :D

Everything REXPaint / Re: Suggestion: Save as and numeric keyboard
« on: June 20, 2017, 07:08:20 PM »
Hey Eahoth!

Save as option: Right now I have to copy and paste in a new file to generate a new version of an .xp, pretty annoying!
Actually you're in luck, because REXPaint already has a feature equivalent to Save as :D (I'd highly recommend you check out the manual, which lists and explains a ton of features that you won't see in the program because they require hotkeys.)

To create a copy of the current image under a new name, you just have to switch to the image browser and Shift-click on the filename, which opens a dialogue asking you to name the new file (it will even suggest a name for you so you can just hit Enter to accept) and bam, you've got a complete copy to create a new variant or whatever you like!

The numeric keyboard doesn't work, and it's the first thing I try when entering some numbers, annoying OVER 9000.
By this I think you mean the numpad instead of the number row? I'll consider it for a future version, but the engine I'm using always treats the numpad keys as special use keys rather than numbers, which is why that's not a thing. I'd have to do some more low-level tweaking, and make sure it doesn't break anything else, before that's possible.

It would also be cool if you could drag and drop colors in the palette to generate copies (or copy the color values easily to paste in a new one), useful to get variations from a previous color. This one is not that annoying :P.[/li][/list]
Again, check out the manual. You can do this and a lot more in terms of palette manipulation--it doesn't support drag-drop, but you can click-copy colors for editing. (Drag drop would be even nicer, but it takes a lot longer to implement and test so is not an approach I decided to go with for now. I'll make note of it for the future UI upgrade though!)

General & Off-Topic / Re: Come learn how to make your own roguelike!
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:08:55 PM »
Event is beginning today if you're interested!

Since there's only one storage stockpile per depth, even for combat run (which I always do :P) if I don't luck into finding any along the way I won't bother going out of my way to find one, since you can always stock up via haulers later on. If you really have to have storage early on, the alternative is to just take out Materials Haulers and go with mediums for a while. Mediums are easy to find and provide good enough storage for early-game confrontations.

Hi dave, I originally implemented two other text export methods before settling on that approach because it turns out exporting to UTF8 was the only way to get the output on all systems looking exactly as you see it in a REXPaint image (otherwise systems for which CP437 is not the default code page will not be able to properly show extended ASCII!).

I'll stick with UTF8 as the default, but I've added a new option in the config file "txtOutputUTF8," that you can turn off to use CP437 character codes. Here's patched .exe you can use until the next release where I'll include it as a regular feature :)

Ideas / Re: Re-color "Central Database Compromised"
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:13:55 AM »
There you go, a global alert and everything that comes with one ;)

From there, I suddenly found access to one of the scariest branch of all: The Deep Cave.
Ah, ended up heading back again so soon, eh? Still more stuff to learn in there :D

And more stasis cheese tactics :P. I guess there's also the disadvantage that once you perhaps want to reposition during battle, you can't, hehe. Interesting findings regarding how to keep it alive longer!

I had a garrison I couldn't seal, with Defenders coming from either side. Frantic grenade launchering ensued followed by frantic matter getting.
I hope you weren't trying to nade the Defenders (or did you have no other options?), since they're pretty resistant to that. I mean I guess you can still do it (now I'm wondering if GJ does that anyway with his explosive builds...), just feels like a waste to me.

Edit: Flying was great!
It's a good way to play, but yeah the impressive speed can get you killed if you don't stop and plan accordingly :P

General & Off-Topic / Come learn how to make your own roguelike!
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:52:32 PM »
I know we have some interest among the player base when it comes to roguelike development. We've certainly got a bunch of seasoned devs with their own games around here, but there are also those who'd like to dabble but simply haven't had the right impetus.

If you're interested in easing your way into building your own roguelike alongside other beginners, check out the upcoming r/roguelikedev event, to start next week: RoguelikeDev Does The Complete Roguelike Tutorial!

Part of the tutorial resources--the FAQs--are a reference series I run and also use to share how I address each dev topic for Cogmind. Any language and/or tutorial can be used, but the main tutorial will be the standard libtcod python one.

Announcements / Cogmind Alpha Year 2 Sales Data (Pre-Steam)
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:33:19 PM »
Like last year, I've posted an update and analysis of our financial status, "Cogmind Alpha Year 2 Sales Data (Pre-Steam)." Within you'll find a summary of Cogmind's second year of alpha (early access) sales data, including revenue, pricing effects, and a breakdown of development time. In short, it's doing okay for now, thank you all <3

Lots of interesting graphs to check out...

In other news, I was notified on Twitter that Russia Today, with its account of 2.6m followers, tweeted out an article link for which they used the April Fool's gif I made with Cogmind last year :P

How funny is that? I don't believe this resulted in any sales, but it certainly made a few additional potentially interested people aware of Cogmind.

Hehe, you're getting pretty good at least!

But yeah, curiosity when you're at a weak point is generally going to be pretty deadly--that door is not to be trifled with ;)

Ideas / Re: Re-color "Central Database Compromised"
« on: June 08, 2017, 12:44:40 AM »
Well yeah originally it wasn't even in the long-term log at all, since that's new for the beta, but where it is colored differently is the first place you've always seen it: directly in the hacking results window. Now all results are mirrored to the log, but they use the same color there to reflect their source, something which won't change. I could consider making it a floorwide ALERT, however, which is a lot more obvious and seems reasonable here.

Also, the manual states: "Successful indirect hacking of central "database-related" targets (queries, schematics, analysis, prototypes) incurs a 25% chance to trigger a database lockout, preventing indirect access to those types of targets at every terminal on the same map."

From what I experienced, it looks like unsuccessful indirect hacking can also incur database lockout.
It only happens on a successful roll, but the immediate lockout prevents you from reaping the rewards, so it's essentially like a different kind of failure.

(It can't happen if you always fail the initial hack roll, though. This is to not overly punish bad hackers here, and simply limit the long-term usefulness of the hack on a given floor for good hackers.)

Ideas / Re: Challenge Modes
« on: June 06, 2017, 05:52:40 PM »
Ooh these are some pretty good ideas, and easy to implement (my favorite :P), thanks.

Part Deterioration:
Because Cogmind's item destruction game is just not serious enough for some people ;). That mode would definitely be pretty hard in your base suggestion, but making the effect random and somewhat less often could definitely be interesting.

(I like lots of ideas from the last several posts, actually. Man we could add challenges forever...)

Ideas / Re: Make "Notes" as an Option tab
« on: June 05, 2017, 10:01:41 PM »
Apparently a number of people do like to use the notes-in-manual feature, and while assuming I had unlimited resources sure I'd love to add such a feature in game, it is definitely not worth the amount of work it would require.

It sounds nice on paper, but looking at the technical requirements, turning it into a valuable feature would require implementing my own full-on text editor, which is a large amount of work. While it may seem annoying to add your notes out of game, remember that in opening it as a txt document you can leverage your word processor's purpose-built rapid editing features :)

General Discussion / Re: Build Classifications
« on: June 05, 2017, 09:54:53 PM »
Sure we can always make exceptions for a good enough reason, but I prefer to avoid it where possible, and lack of stackability across the board is a kind of fundamental feature of the entire game. No stacking in inventory, no stacking in equipment list, no stacking in spaces... I'd like to keep it that way for consistency. There are alternative approaches for continuing to improve the effectiveness of traps, so at this point I'd prefer to explore those options rather than start making larger exceptions.

So after digging into this I decided to add both a note to the manual and a filter that prevents invalid characters from being read from the file. So even if they're written into it by mistake (or because someone didn't know), it shouldn't crash anymore.

I'll file is as a bug so you can get your credit in the changelog :)

Ideas / Re: Tactical overwatch
« on: June 04, 2017, 06:39:19 PM »
This is why there's a rather big difference between fast and slow enemies here (which I kinda like as it makes some sense!). Most enemies require more than 100 time to move, thus when they come into view they'll have at least a turn or more of time to wait. That said, the dynamic has somewhat changed since we modified waiting to draw down 100 time rather than zero your remaining time--this feature is no longer quite as effective. (And the 100-time-to-wait hasn't even fully solved the issue of peeking...)

Yep, this isn't a bug it's just how the program works--Cogmind cannot read non-ASCII characters. Note the install instructions say the game path cannot contain such characters either (if it does Cogmind will not start). I should add an explicit note to the manual saying that you it can't read these characters though :P

Cogmind doesn't use an actual font to display--it just uses a bitmap image, and that image only contains basic ASCII characters, so there's no way to display others. Even if they could be displayed, the internal representation cannot store non-ASCII.

Specific to the manual, I could also try to prevent the game from reading in non-ASCII characters. Currently it does ignore a certain ASCII character which will crash it (because I use it for a special purpose), but just reads in whatever else you put there.

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