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Roguelike Development with REXPaint


I mention REXPaint a lot on this blog. This is not coincidence, nor because I created it. It happens to be an incredibly useful piece of software for roguelike development! REXPaint is an in-house tool I developed in 2013 shortly before resuming work on Cogmind. It has since been made freely available for other devs, […]

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ASCII vs. Tiles


Ah, a visual dichotomy not nearly as old as roguelikes themselves, but nonetheless of great significance today. While a game’s visual style need not always be rooted in its underlying mechanics (especially the case with traditional turn-based roguelikes), the choice between an ASCII or tileset map representation obviously has a major impact on the experience. […]

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Cogmind ASCII Art Gallery


Cogmind’s ASCII art has drawn a lot of attention where it’s been shown on Reddit and Twitter, but I haven’t  been showing much of it here on the blog. I suppose it makes sense to accumulate enough of it for a grand one-place-to-go-to-see-Cogmind-ASCII-art type post. This is that post ;) ASCII art style is traditionally […]

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Cogmind Fonts


Cogmind currently comes with a whopping 26 bitmap fonts. This unusually large number is somewhat less impressive than it seems, as they are certainly not all completely unique styles, but it still took more than a week to draw, scale, and tweak them all to the point of polish sufficient for at least early releases. […]

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Making Particles


I’ve already written about weapon particle effects, but previous posts have only focused on the results rather than the process behind their creation. Some readers would likely enjoy some elaboration on what went into that whole “week I buried myself in Cogmind scripts.” For everyone else, it’s also a thinly veiled excuse to show some […]

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