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An Alternative UI?


Normally when I publish a new article, the focus is on explaining the results of some new feature/mechanic/design. Today’s post is a little different because it’s about an important feature that has not yet been implemented, nor have I come to a decision on how best to handle it. I’m using this post as a […]

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UI Feedback: Map Dynamics 2.0


A while back I mentioned a design initiative based on the concept of “map dynamics,” aimed at increasing player focus on the map area as opposed to the message log or other windows. After the initial spate of related features and animations, this part of development was put on hold as the rest of the […]

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From Prototype to Full Game


I often look back on the time it’s taken Cogmind to reach this stage and ask myself “why the #!@^# is it not done yet?!” (That’s actually me standing in a corridor between a Potion of Speed Coding and Trap of Feature Creep.) More recently I’ve also been wondering if the investment is worth it–think […]

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Cogmind is a game about robots, so it’s about time we talk about them (finally!). It’s taken quite a while to get to this point because robots are built upon the game mechanics and items (and to an extent, the story), so holding off on this central element enables us to consider the full range […]

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Most roguelikes, and the vast majority of RPGs/item-heavy games in general, have consumable items. From a design perspective this makes a lot of sense since consumables are the easiest and most direct way to indicate that effect X can be achieved Y number of times. They’re also a logical way to enable the player to […]

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