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Cogmind Released on Steam


It’s finally happened. After over four years and more than 8,000 hours of work, Cogmind has just been released on Steam :D “Released” but Early Access. Some say that as soon as you release on Steam, EA or not, that’s it–you only really get one launch and the “full release” won’t make as big a […]

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Roguelike Celebration 2016, the Experience


For years I’ve wanted to participate in IRDC, but they’ve always been held in Europe, or as of last year the US East Coast as well. Both destinations are too far away and too expensive for me from here in East Asia, so I definitely paid close attention when news first popped up of a […]

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REXPaint 1.0


Over two years ago, I released the first version of REXPaint, a tool I originally built to explore the possibility of adding art to one of my other projects. Since then it’s become a major component of my workflow for everything from art to UI mockups to map design and prefabs. Come November there hadn’t […]

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The Audio Engine


Any game that wants to play more than just a few sounds, or tie sounds to the game in an interesting way, needs some kind of audio engine. This can range from something as simple as an in-house sound manager with per-sample volume controls to the powerful fully dynamic sound engine that is FMOD. FMOD […]

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Cogmind Returns

Cogmind Mockup

That’s right, your favorite modular robot is powering up once again, this time as the star of a commercial project by the newly formed Grid Sage Games. First, some history for those new to my work: Cogmind began as a game for the 2012 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, after which it underwent a couple months […]

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