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Improving the Hacking Experience


The terrible curse of gamedev is that it’s really hard to finish a game when there’s always something that could be better. The great thing about gamedev is that there’s always something that could be better, meaning room for more new features and content to make players happy :D The previous round of major UI […]

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Iterative UI Design


Today I’d like to share the process behind the development of a singular UI feature, in particular the part (equipment)-sorting implementation, which is a good example of taking a simple premise and working it one step at a time, examining the results of each new element added throughout the process until as a whole it […]

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Dialogue UI


I recently added the third and final dialogue-related UI feature to Cogmind, so it’s time for a review of what all these different ways of displaying who says what are doing in the game :D Message Log This is the obvious one–any NPC dialogue is added to the message log for future reference if necessary, […]

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Designing Cogmind’s World Map


Cogmind began as a 7DRL based around a simple fight (or flight!) from your subterranean starting location directly to the surface. As the new Cogmind works its way towards 1.0, a big part of its departure from those humble origins is the significantly expanded world. (For an initial discussion about the layout of the world, […]

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An Alternative UI?


Normally when I publish a new article, the focus is on explaining the results of some new feature/mechanic/design. Today’s post is a little different because it’s about an important feature that has not yet been implemented, nor have I come to a decision on how best to handle it. I’m using this post as a […]

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